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    Производитель Hioki (Япония)

    Since its founding in 1935, HIOKI has been engaged in the development, manufacture, sale, and service of electrical measuring instruments, which have come to be known as the “mother tools” of industry. From an initial period during which mass-production of meters and testers comprised the bulk of our business, we have sought to create one-of-a-kind products by leveraging the array of sensor technologies we cultivated while developing products to be sold under the HIOKI brand.

    While maturing as an industry leader along with our customers, we have benefited from progress in electronics technology. Today, we offer an extensive selection comprising four core product groups that are used in a broad range of industries and fields.

    Abrupt, across-the-board change continues to transform today's economic and physical landscape, and responding to these challenges remains a daunting task. Nonetheless, the passage of time and accompanying changes in the industrial structures of each successive era bely a constant demand for measurement solutions. Our mission is to provide measuring instruments that meet society's needs in as prompt a manner as possible. Going forward, we will continue to offer measuring instruments that support the growth and development of industry by redoubling our commitment to tireless research and development and to the discerning anticipation of customer needs through close partnerships and communication.

    Throughout its history, HIOKI has respected the autonomy of its employees and valued an organizational culture that encourages workers to engage in free-spirited debate and to embrace the challenges that lie before them. As we strive to implement the HIOKI Philosophy's tenets of Respect for Humanity and Contribution to Society, we have cultivated this spirit as a shared sense of value. Today, we stand ready to return to the roots of this philosophy as we strive to increase corporate value by playing an indispensable role for all stakeholders and inspiring their enduring support.

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